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Was described by Dr. Doreen Virtue PhD. as "A naughty elemental, who is a gifted and compassionate clairvoyant and medium"

Angel Jewellery

An example of the angel jewellery made by us, always charged with Reiki before sold.


We stock a very extensive range of tumbled and natural crystals.


We provide mediumship readings, aura photographs, crystal healing, Reiki Healing, workshops and coming shortly paranormal investigations.

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Tumblestones - Other


We stock a very wide range of tumblestones, all ethically sourced. These are natural products so colours shapes and sizes vary uniquely by each item.

All the metaphysical properties outlined in the following pages cannot be currently proved scientifically. At no time do we reccomend that anyone should stop using conventional medicial practitioners. It is hoped that natures beautiful wonders may assist in personal development.

Each item is cleansed, blessed and charged with Reiki.

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Price: £2.95

Short Description

Helps to show as one door closes another opens.

Technical Specs

Each item is cleansed, blessed and charged with Reiki.
Spiritually, Astrophyllite highlights your unlimited potential, heightens your perception and makes you sensitive to unspoken needs. Activating the ability to 'dream true' to see your soul path, it promotes out-of-body experiences, acting as guide and protector in other realms.
Psychologically, by enabling you to attainan objective view of yourself, it eliminates without guilt anything that is outworn, reminding you that as one door closes another opens. Promoting intimacy and increasing sensitivity of touch, it is helpful for massage or acupressure.

Healing: Beneficial for epilepsy, the reproductive, hormonal and nervous systems, PMS, menopausal disturbances, cellularregeneration, the large intestine, spinal alignment and fatty deposits.

These are natural items, shape, size and colouration do vary as no two items are exactly the same.

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