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Was described by Dr. Doreen Virtue PhD. as "A naughty elemental, who is a gifted and compassionate clairvoyant and medium"

Angel Jewellery

An example of the angel jewellery made by us, always charged with Reiki before sold.


We stock a very extensive range of tumbled and natural crystals.


We provide mediumship readings, aura photographs, crystal healing, Reiki Healing, workshops and coming shortly paranormal investigations.

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Crystal Hardness


The Hardness measure of crystals is based upon a relative scale called the "Mohs" scale and varies in value from 1 softest (Talc) to 10 hardest (Diamond).

Quartz which has a Mohs hardness of 7 is twice as hard as Orthoclase with a hardness of 6.

Here are some examples of the Mohs Scale......


Crystal Mohs Hardness  
Talc 1
Gypsum 2
Calcite 3
Fluorite 4
Apatite 5
Orthoclase 6
Quartz 7
Topaz 8
Corundum 9
Diamond 10

Please bear in mind all items are unique natural products, colours sizes and shape will vary.


Any information contained withinthese pages is not an alternative to tradional medicine, and that you should never stop taking any prescribed medication or visiting your doctor on its basis.



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