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Was described by Dr. Doreen Virtue PhD. as "A naughty elemental, who is a gifted and compassionate clairvoyant and medium"

Angel Jewellery

An example of the angel jewellery made by us, always charged with Reiki before sold.


We stock a very extensive range of tumbled and natural crystals.


We provide mediumship readings, aura photographs, crystal healing, Reiki Healing, workshops and coming shortly paranormal investigations.

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About Auras

The energy field that surrounds all living beings constantly changes colours dependent on moods, thoughts and activity.

Generally, we tend to intuitively feel different peoples aura, rather than see it. We do this when we meet people and get an impression as to whether we like the person or not. Or we want a person to get out of our 'Space'.

Standard Colours and Meanings

  Deep Red   Realistic, active, survival orientated.
  Red   Active, powerful, energetic, vitality, competitive, winner, strong will-power, sexual, passionate, relates to physical body.
  Orange-Red   Artistic, physical-creative, expressive, confidence, creative power, excitement.
  Orange   Creative, productive, adventurous, courageous, emotions.
  Orange-Yellow   Analytical thinker, creative, intelligent, scientific, detail orientated, perfectionist.
  Yellow   Creative, intelligent, playful, lightness, optimistic, easy going, relates to life energy.
  Yellow-Green   Communicative, logical, balanced, creative with heart.
  Green   Teacher, social, communicater, love people, animal and nature.
  Blue-Green   Healer, therapist, sensitive, peace, tranquility, compassionate.
  Blue   Caring, sensitive, loving, helpful, intuition, love to help others.
  Indigo   Intuitive, sensitive, loyal, deep feelings, relates to the third eye, visual.
  Violet   Intuitive, artistic, magical, futuristic, idealistic, relates to the crown.
  Lavender   Imagination, visionary, daydreamer, etheric.
  White   Spiritual, transcendent, higher dimensions, etheric, non-physical qualities.



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